The International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) in close cooperation with the MATILDE along with WELCOMING SPACES, WHOLE-COMM, MIMY and SHARE organized a virtual event. The online workshop entitled ‘The long-term Rural Vision:Opportunities for the Inclusion of Newcomers in Rural, Mountainous and Remote Regions of Europe’ held in 17 September with around 70 stakeholders. 

Thanks to the first results of EU funded research projects on international or internal migration flows in rural and mountainous regions, the event aimed to start a conversation with the European Commission around the opportunities related to the inclusion of newcomers in rural areas.

The workshop included high-level presentation and debate involving European Commission (EC) participants, the scientific heads of five Horizon 2020 & SHARE projects (MATILDE, WELCOMING SPACES, WHOLE-COMM, MIMY, SHARE) and around seventy projects related stakeholders. Alexia Rouby (EC), Danila Conte (EC) Matyas Szabo (EC), Vincent Catot (EC), Andrea Membretti (MATILDE), Andrea Soler (SHARE), Annelies Zoomers (Welcoming Spaces), Birte Nienaber (MIMY), Tiziana Caponio (Whole COMM)  and Petra Hueck (ICMC) were the discussants who participated the debate and shared reflections, evidence, initial insights on the intersection between migration in rural and remote areas and its connection with the EU Rural Vision along with the EU Rural PACT*.

Exchanging information, results and evidence from local research targeted projects emerged as a relevant step to bolster better results of both projects and action to be done. the Horizon 2020 research projects may bring evidence of local complexity and prospective serving as information resource to better shape policies and instruments.