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The Impact of Social and Economic Policies on Migrants in Europe

10 country-based policy briefings on migration-related social policy analyses migration-related social policies and governance related to TCNs integration process at different scales. 10 country-based economic policy briefings on policies and governance in the economic realm, focusing on the policies formulated for the integration of TCNs in the economic structure of the host society, giving particular attention to the ones formulated following the recent refugee peak highlighting and also highlighting policy developments in the long-term.

Database on Spatial Features and Distribution of Third Country Nationals

Database on spatial features and TCNs distribution based on GIS technology is combining spatial features and development characteristics of MATILDE regions.

10 Statistical Briefings on Immigration’s Social Impacts

10 statistical briefings on social impacts provides an in-depth quantitative assessment of the 4 dimensions, determining the social impact of migration at multiple-scales.

Economic Impact of Migration - Statistical Briefings

This document presents the results of an assessment of the impact of migration and a measurement of the contribution provided by ‘third country nationals’ (TCNs) to the economic systems in the receiving contexts.

13 Briefings on Case Studies

This report presents data collected in Task 5.2 in the 13 locations where the local case studies are implemented.

Multi-dimensional policy recommendation matrix

Multi-dimensional policy-recommendation matrix highlights the inter-relationship of social, economic, integration-specific and regional development policies.

Challenges in and Recommendations for the MATILDE rural regions: Report on the thematic policy roundtables

This report gathers the outcomes and observations shared by practitioners and organizations, public service providers as well as policy makers at regional level.

The Impact of Migrants on Rural Development - MATILDE Policy Brief 1

This brief presents policy recommendations to strengthen the positive impact of migrants on rural development, aiming to build immigration destinations and to initiate and strengthen rural development by migrant’s integration.

Migration as a Chance for Rural Economies - MATILDE Policy Brief 2

The second policy brief offers policy recommendations to increase the labor market integration of migrants in rural and mountainous areas, aiming to counteract the aforementioned challenges caused by the demographic change, such as depopulation and labor shortage.

The Interplay of Rural Regions, Migration and Legal Frameworks - MATILDE Policy Brief 3

Third policy brief present policy recommendations to facilitate legal frameworks aiming to increase the positive synergies of migration and rural development.

Better Education of (young) TCNs as Basis for Economic and Social Integration in Rural Areas - MATILDE Policy Brief 4

Fourth policy brief presents policy recommendations to create good conditions for education and qualification for TCNs and their children as well as how to strengthen the labour markets of the MATILDE regions and the TCNs economic independence.

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