MATILDE Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on ‘Evaluating and enhancing the impact of international migration on rural and mountain areas’ is offering a far-reaching training on the conceptual, methodological and policy-oriented results of MATILDE.

With 10 lessons lasting for nearly 20 hours, MATILDE MOOC aims to provide participants with interdisciplinary knowledge on the social and economic impacts of migration on remote rural and mountainous regions, with a special focus on territorial inequalities and spatial injustice. MOOC aims not only to inform the participants regarding the main results of MATILDE, but also to suggest them to think locally; to underline that the place matters; and to recognize that regional and local level needs to be taken into account during prospective works, research and activities.

The Online Course is designed for anyone interested in regional development, rural and mountain areas as well as migration. This may include decision-makers, public, private and third sector development/migration agents, evaluators, facilitators, technical advisors, researchers, journalists, and students involved in social innovation projects in rural and mountainous areas, or in the field of international migration.

The participants will undertake a final exam in order to test their attendance and knowledge. Those who pass the assessment will be provided with a Certificate of Attendance.

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