MATILDE researchers will organize a panel discussion at the 18th IMISCOE Annual Conference held online between 7-9 July 2021.

Europe’s largest interdisciplinary research network in the field of migration, integration and diversity studies, IMISCOE (International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion in Europe) organizes its 18th Annual Conference ‘Crossing borders, connecting cultures’ on 7-9 July 2021 online, due to COVID-19 restrictions.

For three days, in many panels academics will explore the nexus of migration and culture in more depth by asking how migration is lived, experienced, mediated, and reflected upon in general and through everyday cultural, linguistic and artistic practice. The 18th IMISCOE-Conference will also focus on inequalities in general, and on health and racial inequalities in particular.

On Wednesday (7 July), at 15.45-17.15 CET, MATILDE will organize a panel entitled “Looking at migration from a remote perspective. The social and economic impact of migration in rural, remote and bordering spaces”.

In this panel, MATILDE researchers will discuss the impact of migration on local development and territorial cohesion in the European rural, remote and bordering regions as well as to explore social and economic integration patterns in those regions. Furthermore, with a place-based approach, researchers will discuss specific integration patterns that occur in those regions, from a social as well as an economic point of view.

In the MATILDE session, five papers will be presented under the chairmanship of Simone Baglioni (University of Parma). Anna Krasteva (New Bulgarian University) will present ‘De/Re/Bordering Remoteness: (mis)management of heterogeneous migrations in the Rhodope mountain’ paper while the paper entitled ‘The Impact of COVID-19 on Foreign Immigrants in Rural and Mountain Regions of Europe’ will be discussed by Marika Gruber (Carinthia University of Applied Sciences), Raúl Lardiés Bosque (University of Zaragoza ), Andrea Membretti (UEF) and Daniele Tonelli (EURAC). Stefan Kordel (FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg) and Tobias Weidinger (FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg) will present the experiences from Bavaria in the paper ‘TCNs’ access to and impact on rural labour markets. Experiences from Bavaria, Germany’; Raúl Lardiés-Bosque (University of Zaragoza ), Nuria del Olmo Vicén (University of Zaragoza ) and Ángel Pueyo Campos (University of Zaragoza) will share the Aragon experience in ‘Non-EU foreign immigrants in rural areas of Aragón, Spain: characterization, policies and governance’ paper. Finally, Maria Luisa Caputo (University of Parma) will focus on Scotland’s experience in her paper ‘Looking at migration from a remote point of view. Migrants in Scotland’s remote and rural communities’.

To learn more about the MATILDE session as well as the other sessions throughout the IMISCOE Annual Conference, please click here