Migrants’ Social and Economic Inclusion and Rural Development

MATILDE policy recommendation booklet is collecting the most essential challenges and  policy  recommendations  regarding  social and economic inclusion and rural development identified in the 13 case study regions in the 10 partner countries, Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and United Kingdom.

In response to the spotted key policy issues, the MATILDE project team has elaborated corresponding evidence-based policy recommendations based on qualitative interviews, focus groups, quantitative analysis of  statistics, participatory action research in the case study regions and by involving key stakeholders from different government levels and areas of action with policy roundtables.

The policy recommendations aim to promote measures and governance processes able to better connect urban and rural/mountainous areas and to foster both, rural development and socio-economic inclusion of TCNs.

The policy recommendations take into account three dimensions: the different areas of integration, the different political levels (local, regional, national and European), and different groups of TCNs (such as asylum seekers, refugees or migrant workers).

The MATILDE policy recommendations booklet consists of chapters divided by countries, each emphasizing the main challenges and policy recommendations as well as highlighting one selected policy recommendation that was considered particularly important to that country/region.

The concluding chapter presents a summarizing collection which offers a cross-country perspective of policy recommendations for the different areas of integration at a glance.