INN University

The INN University operates on six campuses in south-eastern Norway: Blæstad, Elverum, Evenstad, Hamar, Lillehammer and Rena and have approximately 13.000 students and 952 employees. The INN offers 35 one-year study programs, 52 Bachelor programs, 31 Master programs and 4 PhD programs (plus one in cooperation with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology) in addition to a number of Teacher education and further education programs. The academic offer covers a vast number of subject areas: ecology and agricultural sciences, psychology, sports, law, music, pedagogy, health sciences, social sciences, teacher education, language and literature, biotechnology, film, TV and culture, tourism, animation and game sciences, economics, leadership and innovation.

Trude Hella Eide

Trude is the head of Competence Center of Public Innovation (CPI) at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. She has been working with applied contract research at Eastern Norway Research Institute for 18 years, the last seven years as head of research. Trudes research interests focus on integration of refugees in municipalities, and interdisciplinary cooperation and organisation. She holds a Cand. Philol. degree in Social Anthropology from NTNU (Norwegian University Of Science And Technology).

Per Olav Lund, MPA

Per Olav is a researcher at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences and is the primary contact person for the Norwegian research team. Per Olav holds a Master of public administration (four-year programme in economics and business administration). Main research interests are in municipality economics, social and economic welfare and impacts.

Maria Taivalsaari Røhnebæk, PhD

Maria is a postdoctoral fellow at the PhD-program Innovation in Services in the Private and Public Sectors. She holds a Master of Social Anthropology and a PhD in Technology, Innovation and Culture. Her research focuses on innovation in public services within care and welfare, addressing particularly services to vulnerable and marginalized groups. She has worked with various research projects on introduction services and refugee integration.

Nora Warhuus Samuelsen

Nora is a researcher at Eastern Norway Research Institute at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. Nora holds a master’s in public health from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Main research interests are municipality planning and public health, social sustainability and citizens involvement in public planning.

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