New Bulgarian University

New Bulgarian University (NBU)’s education philosophy is based on the liberal idea of education, relating the acquisition of knowledge and professional qualification. NBU is student-oriented, autonomous academic institution for cultivating of enterprising persons, responsible for their own development in a democratic environment, civil society, market relations, European and world integration. As a liberal academic institution NBU is based on the relation between education, research and entrepreneurship. The University provides general interdisciplinary and narrowly specialized education, based on research work related to the practice.

Anna Krasteva

Anna Krasteva is full professor of political sciences and migration studies, director of CERMES, NBU and doctor honoris causa of University of Lille, France. She is also president of the think tank ‘Policy and Citizens’ Observatory: Migration, Digitalization, Climate’, editor-in chief of the ‘Southeastern Europe’ (Brill), member of the editorial board of ‘Nationalism and ethnic politics” (Routledge), president and member of numerous international and editorial scientific boards. She has publications in Palgrave Macmillan, Routledge, Springer, Brill, McGill, etc. Among her last publications are Bulgarian migration paradox. Migration and development in Bulgaria. 2019; Citizens’ activism and solidarity movements. Contending with populism. (co-ed) Palgrave, 2019.

Evelina Staykova

Evelina Staykova is doctor in Political sciences and assistant professor at New Bulgarian University. She is coordinator of CERMES (Centre for Refugees, Migration and Ethnic Studies). Her teaching and research interests include migration and urban studies, citizenship and e-democracy, populism and far-right extremism. Evelina Staykova is experienced in coordinating and participating in various national and international projects on the quality of democracy, integration of migrants and refugees, development of urban policies, populist strategies and counter movements. She has many publications in English, French and Bulgarian. Her last book is “Urban polices and local democracy in the beginning of 21st century” Sofia: NBU, 2020

Chaya Koleva

Chaya Koleva graduated from Sciences Po Paris with a Master degree in International Security and Migrations and with a bachelor degree in Political Sciences from the French Institute of Political Studies in Dijon. She holds a Master degree in Law from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has specialized in international relations at the Moscow State Institute of International Affairs in Russia. Chaya participated in several national and international projects in the field of migrations. As a junior researcher, her main interests are international migrations, identities, international law, global risks, and geopolitical strategies.

Vanina Ninova

Vanina Ninova is member of the think tank ‘Policy and Citizens’ Observatory: Migration, Digitalization, Climate’. She led the youth project ‘They are like us – volunteering for tolerance towards migrants’. Vanina coordinates the project ‘Empowerment of young migrants and refugees through innovative practices for more inclusive (post) pandemic, (post) crisis Bulgaria’. She is a research associate at the H2020 project REFUGE-ED: Effective practices in education, mental health and psychosocial support for the integration of refugee children.

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