University of Parma

The University of Parma (UNIPR) is a State University and as such, it is self-governing and has research, administrative, organisational, and accountancy autonomy. The size of UNIPR (848 research staff, 854 administrative and technical staff) and the Parma lifestyle attract a large number of national and international students (~ 28.000). The University is organised in 9 Departments distributed across 3 Campuses. Overall, the University has centralized and unit-based support facilities and research and meeting infrastructure.  UNIPR has retained its position among the 30 top performing entities in Italy in the major EU funding schemes FP7 and H2020 awarding more than 90 grants so far.

Maria Luisa Caputo

Maria Luisa Caputo is a post-doc researcher at the University of Parma for the MATILDE project, since July 2020. She holds a PhD from the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Her thesis analyses the creation of an Eruv in London from a cultural and social perspective. It considers how this Jewish ritual facility is rooted in a geographic knowledge of the city and it discusses its representation as a ‘ghetto’ through an analysis of the spatial distribution of the Jewish communities in Greater London. She previously worked for two years as a Research and Teaching Attachée (ATER) at the University of Paris Est-Créteil. Other previous experiences include working as a research assistant at COMPAS, University of Oxford, for the INTERACT project on TCNs’ integration as a three-way process; and at CNRS, France, for the SIESTA project on the territorial dimension of the EUROPE 2020 Strategy.

Simone Baglioni

Simone Baglioni is Full Professor of Sociology in the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Parma. He is the coordinator and PI of the Horizon 2020 project Sirius ( which investigates barriers and enablers of labour market integration of third country nationals in European countries. Prior to joining Parma University in April 2020, Simone has worked at Glasgow Caledonian University, at the Universities of Geneva and Neuchatel in Switzerland, and at Bocconi University and University of Florence in Italy.

Michele Bianchi

Bianchi’s main areas of research are community development, social enterprises, and co-operatives. He holds a Master degree in Social Work (University of Trento, Italy) and obtained his Ph.D. in Sociology of Governance, Social Participation, and Citizenship at the University Carlo Bo (Urbino, Italy). Between 2020-21 he worked as postdoc research at the Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health – Glasgow Caledonian University. In 2018, he was visiting Ph.D. at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (University of Toronto). In 2015, he was intern at the Hackey Co-operative Development, a community interest company based in London East-end.

Mario Menegatti

Mario Menegatti is Full Professor of Economics and Head of the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Parma. His current main research interests are in decision theory, risk management and fraud detection. During his career he had scientific collaboration with several academic institutions in Europe (Belgium and France), USA and China and in applied projects with The Italian Ministry of Labor, the Regional Government of Emilia-Romagna and the Joint Research Center of the European Commission.

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