Joensuun seudun monikulttuurisuusyhdistys ry (JoMoni) was established in 2009 in Joensuu, Finland. It is a non-profit civil society organization. The association is open to all, regardless of origin, nationality, ethnic background, religion, and political opinion. All members who accept the purpose of the association can be members: promoting multiculturalism and preventing the discrimination and exclusion of immigrants. JoMoni is pursuing its goal by improving the concrete opportunities for immigrants to participate in society, preventing racism, and influencing multicultural and immigration policies at local and national level. JoMoni’s activities are mainly carried out by volunteers. In addition, JoMoni projects employ workers. JoMoni organizes sport and cultural activities and participates in public debate with the target of bringing people together. In 2019, JoMoni has three focus area: i) Supporting multi-channel inclusion to increase wellbeing, ii) Women’s rights, status and participation and iii) Supporting and inspiring civic activities.

Karl Hancock

Karl has been working for JoMoni since 2017 as a football instructor. In 2019 he joined the JoMoni board and in 2020 he became JoMoni chairperson. He is passionate about using sport as a tool to help immigrants integrate into society. Karl holds a Master of Social Sciences degree in Border Crossings (Sociology) from the University of Eastern Finland.

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